Recipe: Delicious Coconut Milk French Toast

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Coconut Milk French Toast. This easy dairy-free french toast recipe is super simple – it's essentially classic French toast with rich and creamy canned coconut milk swapped in for the dairy milk. I like to top mine with toasted coconut flakes for some extra coconutty goodness. Use coconut milk in place of milk and eggs for French toast you can whip up even when your fridge is empty.

Creamy GOYA® Coconut Milk and Sweet Coco GOYA® Cream of Coconut elevate classic French toast to a creamy, custardy breakfast with so much tropical flavor. Shredded coconut adds a crisp crust. This Coconut French Toast is so moist and delicious on its own that you can leave out the syrup! You can cook Coconut Milk French Toast using 10 ingredients and 10 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Coconut Milk French Toast

  1. You need of French Toast.
  2. You need of Coconut milk *unsweetened.
  3. It’s of Eggs.
  4. Prepare of Honey.
  5. It’s of sliced bread.
  6. It’s of Coconut oil.
  7. Prepare of Toppings.
  8. It’s of Shredded coconut.
  9. Prepare of Coconut milk jam.
  10. You need of Rapsberry / Blueberry *fruits whatever you like.

Place whole egg and egg yolk in a bowl. Add coconut milk, sugar, vanilla extract, and nutmeg; whisk until batter is combined. This French Toast casserole can be made the same day or prepared ahead of time as an overnight French Toast casserole. It is made with stale bread cubes and a coconut milk custard mixture.

Coconut Milk French Toast instructions

  1. Put coconut milk & beaten eggs in a bowl and mix well..
  2. Add honey and mix..
  3. Soak sliced bread in the egg mixture and then keep in the refrigerator over night. *If you want to cook right away, wait at least 30 mins. But, egg mixture will not soak deep inside the bread….
  4. Leave at room temperature for a while before baking..
  5. Heat coconut oil in a pan..
  6. Bake both sides of the bread until it becomes light brown..
  7. Place bread onto a plate and sprinkle shredded coconut lightly..
  8. Put coconut milk jam on top..
  9. Place rapsberry & blueberry around the bread, and done!.
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It is almost like a bread pudding, except not as sweet, since you'll most likely serve it with a sweet syrup for breakfast or brunch. French Toast is one of my favorite quick and flavorful meals to make for any time of the day. Simply spiced with floral green cardamom, nutty jaggery, and cinnamon, this dish is sure to make faces smile. Josh dunks thick French bread into a mixture of eggs, coconut milk, coconut extract, and a splash of vanilla. Next, he dips the bread into shredded coconut and places it on a hot griddle.